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graphic for site-updateSite status update:

Thank you Jesus

First, I must thank the Lord for giving me the skills, knowledge and resources to design, create and keep up this website; not a boast, but gratitude. The past four months were challenging as I had to redesign and in many cases make significant changes to the content.

The goal was to add color to the site, make the Bible studies more consistent and make everything user-friendly. Not to mention SEO (search engine optimization) and other more technical stuff. So, the Sound Truth Ministry website now has a new look!

“More Scripture and less commentary – more of what God says and less of what I say” — Tim

One thing that I love about this ministry is that we want you to know God better; I want you to say ‘God said’ or the ‘Scripture said’ and not ‘the Bishop’ or ‘Tim’ said, is that okay?

We want to glorify the Lord, we want to make God the focus, it His word that counts. I know it is not always easy to understand Scriptures and you may not be accustomed to this technique, but I am doing it for your good.

I want to thank you for your continued support during this transition and would love to get your comments. Please tell me about your experience with this site! Be blessed—Tim.

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