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picture for worthy of praise

picture for worthy of praise

God Is Worthy of Praise

Message in the picture

“In good times – Praise God ♦ In hard times – Praise God ♦ In troubled times – Praise God ♦ In every moment and situation – Praise God”

Scripture for the day

2 Corinthians 9:10-15 New Century Version (NCV) God is the One who gives seed to the farmer and bread for food. He will give you all the seed you need and make it grow so there will be a great harvest from your goodness. 11 He will make you rich in every way so that you can always give freely. And your giving through us will cause many to give thanks to God. 12 This service you do not only helps the needs of God’s people, it also brings many more thanks to God. 13 It is a proof of your faith. Many people will praise God because you obey the Good News of Christ—the gospel you say you believe—and because you freely share with them and with all others. 14 And when they pray, they will wish they could be with you because of the great grace that God has given you. 15 Thanks be to God for his gift that is too wonderful for words.

Thought for the day

Are your works worthy of praise? Let me make this clear, when we allow God to work through us, our works—the things we do for others, the way we treat and talk to others, can be worthy of praise. No, I am not saying people will praise you; they will praise God because of you. The God in us works through us to answer the prayers of others; perform works that are worthy of praise, honor and glory to God and be blessed—Tim


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Question for ‘God is worthy of praise’

Has the Lord done anything for you lately that is worthy of praise? Have you done anything for others that is worthy of praise to God?

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