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Why Praise God?

Message in the picture

“Why do you praise God? His grace? – He is good? – You LOVE Him? – He is Lord? – His mercy?”

Scripture for the day

Psalm 150 Contemporary English Version (CEV) Shout praises to the Lord! Praise God in his temple. Praise him in heaven, his mighty fortress. 2 Praise our God! His deeds are wonderful, too marvelous to describe. 3 Praise God with trumpets and all kinds of harps. 4 Praise him with tambourines and dancing, with stringed instruments and woodwinds. 5 Praise God with cymbals, with clashing cymbals. 6 Let every living creature praise the Lord. Shout praises to the Lord!

Thought for the day

I praise God for being God. This covers all that the great I AM is and of course what He does. If you praise God, why do you praise Him, do you have to think about a reason? Brothers and sisters, God deserves praise for His word—the truth, boast about how good He has been to you—that is praise. Tell others what God has done for you—a beautiful and pleasant praise; singing praise to God is good, it is pleasing; make a joyful noise unto God and be blessed—Tim.


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Question for ‘why praise God’

God deserves praise doesn’t He?

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