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Human Nature (the flesh/sinful nature) Hater

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“Surely you know that people who do wrong will not get to enjoy God’s kingdom. Don’t be fooled.

In the past some of you were: Having sex before marriage (fornicating) – Idolaters (worshiping false gods) – Thieves – Effeminate (homosexuals/prostitutes) – Unfaithful to your spouses (adultery) – Covetous (greedy) – Drunks (alcoholics/drink too much) – Verbally abusive (slander) – Robbers (extortionist)

But now your sins are washed away: You were made holy. You were made right with God. All of that was done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (paraphrased)”

Thought for the day (part of my testimony and an excerpt from the complete Bible study)

For many—including me—we eventually come to a crossroad in life; I had to decide “do I want to continue down this path”? I had people on the street hustling for me, my constant companion was a .357 magnum loaded with hollow-points.

At this stage of the game I needed to be completely hard-core or change. Today I realize God had spared my life many times; a few things that I am grateful for:

  1. escaping injury from numerous deadly automobile accidents always walking away without a scratch; most of the time I was not wearing a seat belt.
  2. a few drugs and one concealed weapons arrests; the worst/longest sentence was a week-end stay at the county farm. There were times when the drugs were confiscated but I did not go to jail.
  3. drug overdoses; once considered dead and brought alive through prayer.
  4. afflicted with STD’s multiple times from engaging in unprotected sex with numerous women.
  5. frequently mixing a variety of drugs (hallucinogens, speed, downers; I loved speed-balls).

God has been very good to me, I know I did not (and still do not) deserve His love and forgiveness.

Are you grateful for the mercies and grace of God?

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