Are You Married and Cheating on Your Spouse?

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Message in the picture: “Adultery extremely destructive sin”

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Scripture for the day

Matthew 15:18-20 (ERV) But the bad things people say with their mouth come from the way they think. And that’s what can make people wrong. 19 All these bad things begin in the mind: evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual sins, stealing, lying, and insulting people. 20 These are the things that make people wrong. Eating without washing their hands will never make people unacceptable to God.

Thought for the day

(excerpts from “Adultery – A Destructive and Harmful Sin”)

Adultery is the act of voluntarily breaking the marriage bond by having sexual relations with someone that is not the spouse. The damages extend far beyond the two parties involved; there is always at least one other person that will or might be hurt.

Remember at least one of the participants is married to someone else. If we understand the role faithfulness plays the less likely we are to commit adultery. Please do not be a sexual cheater; be faithful to your spouse.

If you are involved with someone that is married or a person that is not your spouse, stop what you are doing, it is not worth it.

Be blessed my friends and have a productive day ♥ Tim

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