Happy New Year

image of new year greeting

image of new year greeting

Happy New Year

Isn’t it wonderful to be alive and able to say the phrase, Happy New Year? Although, I do not celebrate holidays and consider everyday the same. As each year seems shorter and shorter, it is good to add another year to life.

Be Thankful

One thing I have learned, be thankful for each day that you are alive and in good health. It is extremely difficult to be in a place, my current location, where I did not choose. But for divine purposes, we are here.image of charlie brown new year

Much gratitude to current technology making it possible to connect with loved ones from long distance. Modern technology is a medium to allow us to stay connected but nothing can replace being there!

I Love You

So to all of my family all over this country, I just want to say:

I Love You and wish I could be with you!

Be Safe and Careful

image of ambulanceTo all of my social contacts, associates and friends, be careful and safe. To everyone, I would rather that you not drink or get high but to each his own. Instead give thanks to God for making it possible to see the dawn of a new year.

“Be Prepared: Accident Statistics During the Holidays”
During the holiday period 2001 through 2005, it was found that 41 percent of the fatalities occurred on New Year’s and 38 percent on Christmas.

Please take care of yourselves!

Click this link for a little new year history.


  1. Marjorie Thomas

    Hi Guys, I was here 🙂

    1. Tim Pettiford (Post author)

      Thank you for letting us know :-).


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