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Malacca Impression Theatre Project Roof Steel Structure First Lifting

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       (Correspondent Reports By Zhou Liang & Wang Yan Zhen) 27/10/17, As China Construction Company of Malaysia, MALACCA impression theatre roof steel structure first truss lifting, weight of 95 tons, carry out with truss single product longest truss-92 meters, weight of about 160 tons. The use of long over weight steel structure by one-time hoisting technology, domestic rare technical with South East Asia advance technology lifting equipment operations by using 1250 Tons crane, which the only one in southeast Asia.

   Malaysia, Malacca, impression theatre total building area of approximately 69 thousand square meter, which contains of 4 story theatre, 4 story car parking lots, 4 story hostel and 2 story administrative office. Total of 4 monomers buildings. It will become Malacca straights landmark after project completion. The theatre can accommodate 2000 audience to view cadge stage with real performance.

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