Stand Firm in Faith and Be Unmoved in Hope Through Jesus

picture of sun rays breaking thru clouds for faith hope bible study

I urge you to review and share “Unwavering Faith / Hope; Know How to Be Absolutely Solid”, I’m excited about this Bible study. Visit the Sound Truth Ministry website: <<– the link to this Bible study.

Message in the picture:
“Continue to be strong and solid in faith; do not move from the hope you have in Jesus. – From Colossians 1:23”

picture of cloudy day with sun breaking clouds for strong faith hope bible study

Scripture for the day:
Colossians 1:21-23 At one time you were separated from God. You were his enemies in your minds, because the evil you did was against him. 22 But now he has made you his friends again. He did this by the death Christ suffered while he was in his body. He did it so that he could present you to himself as people who are holy, blameless, and without anything that would make you guilty before him.

23 And that is what will happen if you continue to believe in the Good News you heard. You must remain strong and sure in your faith. You must not let anything cause you to give up the hope that became yours when you heard the Good News.That same Good News has been told to everyone on earth, and that’s the work that I, Paul, was given to do. (ERV)

Thought for the day – Unwavering Faith / Hope; Know How to Be Absolutely Solid
The word unwavering is one of the not-so-familiar words. But is helpful when understood as it means to not feel or show doubt, or uncertainty; not be wishy-washy or hesitant. When it comes to faith and hope in God do not waver be solid and stand firm.

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NOTE: This is the summarized version of the full Bible study. Please go to the site and read / study the complete Bible study. To get access, the following link will take you there.

Question for the day: Is your faith and hope in the Lord solid?

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