Faithfulness is More than Going to Church, It’s About Your Lifestyle

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Message in the picture:
“Be faithful, love God and all people, live right, live in peace – 2 Timothy 2:20 – Kingdom life goals”

picture of dry river with mountains for the faithfulness bible study

Scriptures for the day:
2 Timothy 2:19, 22; 3:1, 5 – 19 ‘But the truth of God cannot be changed. It says, “The Lord knows those who are His.” And, “Everyone who says he is a Christian must turn away from sin!”’ (NLV) 22 Shun youthful desires, and follow righteousness, faithfulness, love, peace, with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. (Anderson)

2 Timothy 3:1, 5 – 1 ‘Remember this: There are some terrible times coming in the last days. 5 They will go on pretending to be devoted to God, but they will refuse to let that “devotion” change the way they live. Stay away from these people!’ (ERV)

Thought for the day – Faithfulness in the Time of Little Faith in God:
The source of our relationship with God is the blood of Jesus. Obedience to His word keeps this connection strong. Always doing what is right is the key to faithfulness. It extends beyond church attendance. Show that you are faithful to God by living right.

Blessings to you my friends ♥ Tim


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♥ Question for the day: Can Jesus depend on you?

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