From the projects to Silicon Valley by FAITH, no degree (6-time college drop-out). Striving to fulfill my purpose in life “liberating God’s people” with sound truth. Looking forward to seeing you at http://stministry.com

Born in 1952, I consider myself to be very blessed to have lived a very full life, overcoming and enjoying many experiences in what I consider to be the three most significant areas of life, Personal, Professional, and Spiritual.

I am a fully recovered drug addict/dealer (cleaned up overnight from a $200 heroin/illicit drug/alcohol addiction via faith and prayer) who did many things in the past that I now use to minister to others since 1977. A Vietnam era veteran, retired computer engineering executive/computer geek (web and graphics design, programmer, consultant and analyst), husband, father and grandfather, minister, amateur photographer, artist, musician, vocalist, instructor/teacher, chef…

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